AltoConvertPDFtoPPT: About Us

AltoConvertPDFtoPPT is a web-based service designed to help anyone who needs to transform their documents into PowerPoint presentations. We are dedicated to our customers and believe that they should be able to have full unhindered access to our platform.

We developed this creative online-based platform for the purpose of allowing you to fully concentrate your time and energy on completing your document conversion processes - not on browsing for complex programs and having to delete memory to free up space on your device. We believe that the best option for our customers is to have access to a simple, web-based platform, available from any computer or mobile device.

Portable document format (PDF) can easily be converted with our service. Moreover, you will not need to provide any personal information such as your e-mail or phone number. This helps quicken the whole process so that you can get perfect conversion results in an efficient and timely manner.

Our solution is both trustworthy and convenient. It’s also designed to be accessible from any internet-connected device. You simply need to connect to the internet from any device and upload the document right from the internal storage of your smartphone, computer or cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive). As a result, you will get an editable presentation which will allow you to add various types of multimedia. The final version of the file can then be saved to your computer or the cloud.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. That is why we’re constantly improving our product so that you can have full access to the most up-to-date tools and solutions.